Vicente Gonzalez

Artist. Photographer.

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Artist's Statement

Vicente Gonzalez

"The phenomenon of emergence takes place at critical points of instability that arise from fluctuations in the environment"
~Fritjof Capra

Think big and one day you will create big. I had a professor once tell me that and it has stuck with me. I have been inspired by pointillism for years and found myself controlling paint in bottles by placing the paint where I wanted it. One day, I decided to let the paint find it’s own place to live.  I found myself less worried about mistakes and more explosive with the paint. With this feeling of explosive creativity I have decided to work on larger paintings using metallic paints to express myself and my feelings. 

My broad spectrum of work includes paintings, pen and ink sketches, and photography. The subjects of my photographs have always been one with their environment, captured as they are in their unrefined beauty.

In sharp juxtaposition to the uncontrolled nature of my photographs, my paintings have been, until now, very controlled. Inspired by Impressionism, my work for many years was done by controlling the placement of paint.

Currently my paintings reflect my thought that paint has a life of it's own. I guide the paint as it tells it's story in it's metallic dialect. This style of work has allowed me to create large format pieces.